Orange & Rockland Gas Line Replacement – New York State Route 17

Tectonic performed a topographic survey of approximately 6,900 LF of roadway along New York State Route 17 in Sloatsburg, NY. The survey was used for the design of the replacement of an existing old gas line.

Route 17 is a major commuter road with heavy traffic volumes in the morning and early afternoon. Due to this high volume of traffic, Tectonic used its Mobile LiDAR Mapping system to collect topographic data at posted highway speeds without risking survey personnel in traffic to obtain the data. The base data was collected during a two-hour time span between times of heavy commuter traffic. Control was set using GNSS receivers linked to the NYSDOT Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network to assure and check the accuracy of data obtained. The data gathered by our Mobile Mapping system exceeded the accuracy requirement. All maps were field checked by survey crews to ensure completeness, and final maps were produced using AutoCAD Civil 3D. Additionally, field crews measured inverts of drainage and sanitary sewer structures and incorporated the measurements in the final mapping.

Suffolk County Wastewater Geographic Information System

Tectonic worked with the County of Suffolk to provide mapping and surveying services for the County’s wastewater infrastructure before and after Hurricane Sandy. The mapping provided was performed using GPS receivers with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) capabilities. The data was presented in the Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) GIS format for inclusion in the County’s GIS system. Additional surveying services Tectonic provided include measurements and inspection of the structures to ascertain the condition and direction of flow of the system, and creation of individual reports for each structure that were submitted and “hot-linked” to allow the end user to pull up the reports while viewing the GIS. Tectonic’s survey crew successfully worked through minor scheduling setbacks due to the impacts of the hurricane.

3 Manhattan West Residential Tower As-Built Surveys

Tectonic provided surveying services as a subconsultant for the Brookfield Manhattan West mixed-use development project in the Hudson Yards District of Manhattan, specifically 3 Manhattan West, a 67-story luxury residential tower, features 844 apartments slated to open in 2017.

Tectonic has provided the following services:

  • As-builts of all the concrete in the building, which include the flatness of all floors, plumbness of the core wall and location of the slab edge.
  • Measurements on all floors performed three times on each floor: post pour, immediately after the concrete is poured; post stripped, immediately after the forms are removed; and post shoring removal, immediately after the shoring is removed.

Tectonic’s survey crew has excelled at keeping pace with the ongoing construction to make sure all sets of measurements were taken on each floor.

The development project as a whole will include 7 million square feet of premier office, residential, retail and open space all located in a total of 5 buildings. A central plaza will provide open space with arts and events for tenants and the community.

NYC SCA Surveying Term Agreement

Tectonic has provided, and is currently providing, surveying services to the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) at multiple school locations throughout the five boroughs in New York City. The surveys will be used for the design and construction of new school buildings and additions. Tectonic performs primarily detailed topographic and boundary surveys of these sites and prepares mapping in AutoCAD format showing all the improvement and utilities on and adjacent to the property. All surveys are tied to the coordinate system and datum in use in the borough the project was located.

Tectonic has performed surveys on over 150 new and/or existing school sites, and provides additional services including construction support and monitoring for settlement and movement of existing structures. As with prior contracts held with the NYCSCA, Tectonic is highly capable of completing the work at a very aggressive schedule.

Stewart International Airport Various Survey Projects

Tectonic has provided, and is currently providing, surveying services at Stewart International Airport to the Port Authority of NY & NJ, as part of a capital improvement plan to expand the airport.

Tectonic performed multiple surveying tasks including:

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for the acquisition of the property.
  • Mapping of lead-in lines, airside utilities and the existing weather information power line in the area of the main taxiways, utilizing a combination of GPS (Real-Time Kinematic) and a Robotic total station to increase efficiency.
  • Performing topographic surveys for portions of the existing parking areas and additional areas to be developed into new parking lots.
  • Performing terminal gate mark outs, layouts of new containment lines for aircrafts and gates, and boring location surveys for the redesign of the airport runways.
  • Staking out lease lines and runway safety zones in the area of construction.
  • Scanning existing paper copies of utility plates to create a geocoded digital database of all utility information.
  • Performing as-built surveys of various sewer manholes throughout the airport airside and landside for inclusion in the airports digital database.

Tectonic continues to provide support as the airport grows. All work performed met strict Port Authority mapping standards and used the coordinate system and datum established by Tectonic, making inclusion in the airports digital database a seamless exercise.

Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Deck Replacement Surveys

Tectonic provided surveying and construction inspection services as a subcontractor for the deck replacement on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the most traveled of the New York State Bridge Authority’s bridges. The south bridge deck span was replaced with 1,850 newly fabricated bridge concrete grid panels, giving the deck a new life span of 50 years.

Tectonic provided surveying construction support services including:

  • Taking preliminary measurements on the road surface to determine the location of cut outs for lights and drains, and all expansion joints.
  • Providing layout services including the layout of panel locations for saw cutting and marks for the alignment of new panels.
  • Calculating haunch tables from a combination of existing and proposed bridge elevations to successfully transfer girder locations from underneath the bridge to the top of the bridge.

In addition to these services, Tectonic also provided Quality Assurance and Quality Control on construction inspections and materials testing services for the fabrication of the grid decking.

Transmission Line Survey

Tectonic worked with Burns & McDonnell to provide surveying services on Jersey Central Power & Light’s 230-KV transmission line route that runs approximately 10 miles long, beginning at the NJ Transit Red Bank Substation and ending at the NJ Transit Aberdeen Substation. Tectonic performed a survey for the entire width of the NJ Transit Authority right-of-way. Additional services included:

  • Researching the public right-of-way along the transmission line route and incorporated proposed changes due to on-going local construction projects.
  • Surveying and planimetric mapping services
  • Location of all features within the Transit Authority’s right-of-ways
  • Layout of new power poles and the location of utilities and other potential interferences near the proposed power lines
  • Control for aerial mapping and ground truthing for aerial LiDAR

Tectonic’s survey crew performed these services along this active commuter rail line and adhered to all train schedules while working near the tracks under the direction of railroad safety personnel.

Manhattan College Various Surveying Projects

Tectonic has provided surveying services for several locations on the Manhattan College property.

Tectonic performed topographic surveys in two areas on the main campus, the College’s Quad area and Walsh Plaza. Both surveys were to be utilized for improvements to the drainage systems in those areas. A field survey was performed using traditional survey techniques to map the location of all improvements and the grading. The mapping showed improvements, contours, rims and inverts of existing drainage structures and spot elevations on all flat areas spaced not more than 50 feet apart.

Tectonic also performed boundary and topographic surveys of two other sites on the college campus which encompassed full city blocks. One site was to be used for the purchase of the portions of the block the college did not own, and the other was for the re-design of improvement on the existing college owned property. Tectonic performed full boundary surveys by gathering evidence and records to determine the location of property lines and compared those results to title reports provided by the college. A full topography survey was performed to be used for the repurposing of several of the buildings for student housing.

World Trade Center Site Survey Crews

Tectonic has provided, and is currently providing, engineering, surveying, and construction phase services to the Port Authority of NY & NY (PANYNJ) for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, a 16-acre complex comprised of buildings presently undergoing construction.

Tectonic currently has two field crews working full time on site for several locations including the PATH station, Vehicular Security Center, One World Trade Center, and 4 World Trade Center. Services include maintaining survey control for use by other contractors throughout the site, checking the location and elevation of key structural components, providing as-builts of features and monitoring movement and settlement of adjacent structures. Tectonic’s crews are working on an active construction site, with multiple projects going on at the same time, and are able to coordinate their work with multiple crews and companies on a daily basis to ensure an accurate quality product is produced.

The site features six new skyscrapers, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, transportation hub, PATH station, Vehicular Security Center, Liberty Park, and a Greek Orthodox Church.