Planning & Real Estate Development


Tectonic’s team of devoted staff understands the special needs of the fast-paced retail industry varying from supermarkets to shopping centers. Whether a new facility or update to an existing one, Tectonic will guide your project from inception to completion with a multi-disciplinary team of civil, geotechnical, and structural engineers and environmental consulting professionals.

Space is a valuable commodity in the commercial industry. The efficient use of costly commercial space is vital, as well as nominal costs. Clients demand greater flexibility in their buildings as they consider not only today’s needs but also future demands. Tectonic designs sustainable infrastructure cost-effectively with flexibility to enable a commercial development to incorporate any functional modifications and increase the building’s life expectancy.


The Tectonic team offers the planning and design necessary to support the vital success of single-family, multi-family and assisted living residential projects. Tectonic’s professional engineers and construction managers provide design concepts and expertise that develop clients’ innovation and efficiency to accomplish key components of a project including road and utility design, landscaping, traffic patterns, drainage plans.

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