ConnDOT I-95 Resurfacing Bridge Safety Improvements

Tectonic performed resident engineering and surveying services for the ConnDOT’s resurfacing of approximately 2 miles of I-95 from Interchange 34 in Milford to Interchange 41 (Marsh Road) in Orange, CT.

The project included the cleaning and lining of culverts, improvements to the storm drainage systems, replacement of guide rail and trimming of trees along the shoulders. A total of 16 bridges were repaired on which entailed partial depth patching of the deck slab, placement of new membrane waterproofing and bituminous concrete wearing surface, placement of asphaltic plug expansion joints and construction of bridge parapet caps.

Tectonic also performed survey work for a major part of the roadway work for pavement wedging and milling in order to correct cross slopes and curve super elevation. Tectonic coordinated with the contractor to provide the designer existing condition information so corrective work could be designed. Periodic survey checks during the milling and wedging operations were performed to examine progress in achieving the desired cross slopes.

In addition, work was performed for the resurfacing of the northbound and southbound service areas and the installation of a fire standpipe on the Route 15 Bridge over the Housatonic River (Sikorsky Bridge).

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