New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional

Tectonic provides NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) that specialize in safely completing expedited environmental evaluations and industrial clean-ups at contaminated sites.

Contamination can be present in air, soil, and water, from wastes or processes. It exposes people to pollutants through drinking wells, contaminated indoor air, or whereever dangerous contamination is nearby, touchable, or inhalable.

Our LSRP services include testing (sampling and analysis) characterizations and then implementing the appropriate remedial response actions for chemical substances and physical agents in various settings. We use bespoke solutions tailored to budgets, schedules, and resources.

Contaminated Real Estate Services

All over the state of NJ there are thousands of sites that have been contaminated by prior use.These sites must be remediated and redeveloped. Often, the properties we address are in-use, and the ongoing processes or operations may be increasing the existing vestigial contamination.

Contamination can create exposure and risks to building occupants so, we evaluate and control environmental exposures as part of our services. Tectonic is focused on determining the presence/absence of a concern demonstrably above background conditions; and if present – delineating its spread and severity.

The studies we perform are outcome-oriented, specifically to enable us to promptly complete the remediation or clean-up needed.

We satisfy the increasing need to reuse land affected by contamination rather than develop Greenfield sites such as farmland or woodland. We clear the environmental issues in advance of planned demolition, construction, or renovation.

Furthermore, understanding the actual (original) cause, mechanisms of a release, and the manner it came about is a critical step in our services which includes the following process:

Investigation | Consulting

Tectonic prepares and implements quality assurance project plans, work plans for delineation, plus Federal self-implementing cleanup plans, and site-specific Safety and Health Plans. We specify unrestricted use and alternative remedies for residences, schools, and childcare centers. We perform remedial cost forecasting and estimating associated with planning and permitting.

Documenting | Reporting

Tectonic issues concise technical reports and work-plans while providing expert interpretation and relevant context. We summarize the important findings, identify data-gaps, and disclose uncertainties.

Offering Choices | Alternatives

After preliminary studies & investigations reveal the nature of the present challenges, our staff provide Remedial Alternatives’ Analysis (RAA) or Feasibility Studies (FS) to best fit a client’s situation and needs. Our recommendations become site-specific remedial action work plans (RAWs), which can be complex or simple (case-by-case) according to the level of effort needed and complexity at a given property.

Response Actions | Contracting

We have the resources, abilities, licensure, and experience to safely and effectively ameliorate the contamination discovered from any release or spill. Our responses include actions to collect, separate, isolate, contain, stabilize, neutralize, remove, encapsulate, recycle, inert, landfill, or destroy impacted media and wastes.


Tectonic’s project teams hold all appropriate licensure and certifications per the New Jersey Commerce Commission, namely New Jersey -DEP, -DOL, -DCA, and -DOH registries; with comparable licensure in New York. Tectonic knows what clients “must do,” what they “can do,” and what they “should do” – which gives us an important strategic advantage.


Tectonic carries the appropriate insurances to cover unforeseen and unplanned events that sometimes occur with exploratory studies or when remediating hidden conditions. We carry a comprehensive insurance plan that includes Professional Errors and Omissions, and Contractors Pollution Liability policies, which are tailored for our clients’ needs.


Tectonic issues Final Remediation Documents (FRD) in the form of Response Action Outcome (RAO) letters that are either area-specific or apply to an entire property. Closures are site-specific & location-specific and may be conditional (limited / restricted uses) or for unrestricted use; and are always a product of carefully balanced evaluations of past and future costs of compliance and risk tolerance.


Tectonic maintains an electronic storage archive for all our clients and projects. Tectonic offers an online, password-protected client access portal to enable project records’ retrieval on demand.


David Morris, L.S.R.P.
Vice President – Environmental Services, NJ

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