Tectonic developed and implemented an All-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the City of Valdez, AK, home to the terminus of the Alaska Alyeska Oil Pipeline, the highest ranking critical infrastructure in the state and the 13th most important nationwide. The All Hazard Assessment included natural and man-made hazards including potential environmental releases from the Alyeska Pipeline and oil tankers transporting crude oil from the southern terminus of the pipeline. Other critical infrastructure evaluted included the city Port facility, municipal facilities as well as the Information Technology systems.

In addition to the preparation of the All Hazards EOP, Tectonic prepared a Needs and Risk Assessment report based on existing resources. As part of this effort, Tectonic reviewed the security vulnerability assessment for the City and evaluated evacuation plans in the event of a catastrophic hazard. The EOP included detailed programs for mitigation, preparedness response and recovery.

The unique locale of this project required the EOP to address rapid communications between the public and other private stakeholders because of the isolated and self-sufficient nature of the City, and the possibility of “short warning” for major hazards such as tsunamis. A tsunami previously inundated “Old Valdez” requiring relocation of the City to its current location.