Tectonic has provided Construction Engineering and Design of Demolition Operations services for the major rehabilitation of the Pulaski Skyway in Northern New Jersey. The four-lane bridge-causeway has a total length of 3.5 miles and travels between Newark and Jersey City. As of 2014, the bridge handles about 74,000 crossings a day. Work was performed under several contracts, including:

Contract 2, Rehabilitation of Route 139 Hoboken and Conrail Viaducts

Tectonic provided design of demolition operations for the reconstruction of the Hoboken and Conrail Viaducts along with 7 cross street bridges.

Contract 3, Routes US 1 & 9 Deck Replacement

Tectonic provided engineering, calculations and drawings for steel repair for this project. Additionally, Tectonic design the steel plates required for diving construction equipment over the deck panels that had not adequately cured and for expansion joints.

Contract 4, Routes US 1 & 9 Deck Replacement

Tectonic design temporary supports for the deck replacement of the Pulaski Skyway including providing calculations and drawings for splicing the main cross beams in order to configure construction staging to avoid full closure of the viaduct.