Tectonic has been awarded and is currently providing surveying services for the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project on the West Side of Manhattan. This project is a joint venture with New York City and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to encourage development on Manhattan’s far West Side.

At full build-out, the mixed use development will include 16 high rise buildings containing more than 12,700,000 sf to accommodate residential, commercial and retail development. A platform will be constructed over the MTA Long Island Railroad (LIRR) West Side Storage Yard to accommodate the 16 buildings and infrastructure.

The plaza will encompass 14 acres of new public open space and parks which is half of the entire Hudson Yards site. It will have easy access to the High Line and will host events at the Culture Shed and Public Square.

Tectonic will provide layout services and quality control checks to ensure the correct location of features and the smooth flow of construction. Tectonic has also been tasked with checking the overall control and location of major site features for the entire Hudson yards project.

Many projects are taking place at the same time, therefore the construction manager is challenged with the task of making sure the projects “fit” together. Tectonic is accomplishing that task by monitoring the interrelationships of the ongoing projects and providing control checks on upcoming projects.

The Hudson Yards site is expected to receive over 24 million visitors each year.