ConEd’s Eastview Service Center in Valhalla, NY underwent improvements which involved the removal of underground fuel tanks. These tanks consisted of one 4,000 gallon underground diesel fuel tank and one 10,000 gallon gasoline tank in addition to associated fuel islands and piping systems.

Tectonic performed a subsurface investigation, boring inspection and chemical analysis of subsurface samples prior to the commencement of work. Soil samples were analyzed for the following:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by EPA Method 8260
  • Semivolatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) by EPA Method 8270
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Diesel Range Organics (TPH-DRO) by EPA Method 8015C
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Gasoline Range Organics (TPH-GRO) by EPA Method 8260C

Tectonic also performed Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the area of two historic Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).

In the second phase of the subsurface investigation, Tectonic installed two groundwater monitoring wells and performed a slug-in test to evaluate the subsurface hydrogeology.  Tectonic also collected groundwater samples for laboratory analysis.

Tectonic presented the Client with recommendations based on findings of the environmental investigation and the results of analytical testing.