Tectonic worked with Buckeye Partners to provide support for the renovation, expansion and upgrade of the existing railroad tank car unloading facility in Perth Amboy, NJ to handle a higher capacity of tankers. The renovation project consisted of the construction of 500 feet of lead track and a ladder track system involving seven yard tracks with unloading/loading proposed structures. A section of the yard tracks supported a bridge structure to allow for passages of a 48” storm sewer and six product line pipes beneath the tracks.

Tectonic performed a subsurface investigation, laboratory testing, and prepared a geotechnical engineering report with recommendations for the design and construction of subgrades for the ladder tracks and the foundations for the tank car unloading structures and bridge abutments. With the presence of highly compressible soil and large fill quantities, Tectonic investigated methods for mitigating the anticipated settlement, which included the use of geogrids, stone columns, and wet/dry soil mixing.