For the past 30 years, Tectonic has delivered quality professional services in a timely and cost effective manner by pooling its talented staff into project teams that think, act, and perform as one integral unit.  By carefully listening and collaborating with its clients, the firm is able to identify the key issues and assure stakeholder objectives are met in the final deliverables. Through innovating and adopting technological advances, the firm is able to find solutions to some of the planet’s - and country’s - most challenging problems, such as environmental degradation due to climate change and achieving massive rebuilding after extreme weather events.

As the world evolves, and its challenges grow more complex, Tectonic continues to innovate and provide the practical solutions and exceptional customer service its clients have trusted since its founding.

Recent News

GSA Schedule

Tectonic has had the privilege of contributing to our country’s infrastructure, national security and environmental concerns, working with a variety of Federal agencies such as the General Services Administration, FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Veteran’s Administration and the USDA, among others.

The firm currently holds a Multiple Award Schedule contract with the GSA (GS-OOF-015BA) including the following services:

  • Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services Related to Real Property (SINs C871-7 & C871-7RC)
  • Environmental Consulting (SINs C899-1 & C899-1RC)
  • Water Conservation Services (SINs C871-0210 & C871-210RC)
  • Disaster Recovery Services (SINs C899-1 & C899-1RC)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services (SINs C899-7 & C899-7RC)

In addition to Federal agencies, state and local organizations may use the schedule for streamlined procurement of these services.

Click here, to view Tectonic’s GSA Schedule Contract with GSA authorized prices, terms and conditions, and other information.


New NY Bridge (Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement)

Tectonic is providing inspection and testing services as a subconsultant to the design build team for the construction of the New NY Bridge, formerly known as the Tappan Zee Bridge. The existing bridge is an essential component of the regional roadway network connecting Rockland and Westchester counties and provides integral access to the New York Metropolitan Area. The services Tectonic is providing are guided by the Quality Assurance and Quality Control program for the project, which was developed using ISO 9001 standards, 23 CFR Part 637 requirements and the project’s contract document. Tectonic is responsible for all components of special inspections and materials testing, including:
  • Pile driving inspection & monitoring
  • Steel inspection & non-destructive testing of steel components
  • Geotechnical inspection of earthwork, subgrades & backfill
  • CIP & precast concrete inspection & testing
  • Asphalt paving inspection & testing
  • Establishment of an on-site materials testing laboratory
The new NY Bridge is designed for a 100-year service life and will be mass-transit-ready. It will feature twin 3-mile structures, each with 1,200-foot cable-stayed main spans and 350-foot steel girder approach spans. The Bridge will provide 8 general traffic lanes, emergency lanes, extra-wide shoulders for express bus service, a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian path on the northern span, and scenic overlooks with anti-climb fencing and security cameras. A new toll plaza will include at least 3 highway-speed E-Z Pass lanes. tzbridge-2-e1461341797508