Verizon LTE Process Plan

Tectonic was retained by Verizon Wireless to provide professional services on the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Project. Tectonic’s role in the project was as follows:

  • Site Acquisition services – Coordinate site inspections, structural assessments, zoning drawings.
  • Leasing services – Contact landlords for notification, consent, lease amendments, applications, POR’s and process same for submission of deal memo.
  • Zoning – Review zoning requirements, attend meetings to represent application and approval, coordinate, compile and submit documents for application and building permits.
  • Regulatory/Environmental Review – Supply Tower Collocation Modification form to RF for regulatory filing, supply site specific construction brief for environmental review, obtain NPA or PAL letters for non-Verizon owned sites, coordinate and supply necessary back up documentation for approvals, file EDR (Environmental Data Resource) and Sensitive Receptors and/or Notice to Contractor-Lead Containing Paint as directed; ensure any conditions of approval are documented.
  • A&E Services – Conduct site visit, review existing construction drawings and structural reports/ assessments, prepare preliminary construction/zoning drawings, issue final construction/zoning drawings based on client approval of preliminary, and coordinate and track internal structural assessments and reports.
  • Construction Handoff – Coordinate hard and soft copies of forms, CDs, structural reports-inspections/permit deposits.
  • Closeout Package – Contains hard copies of all required documents.

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