Wickham Water District Rehabilitative and New Construction

The Wickham Water District serves approximately 350 homes in which the water supply facilities are located on six separate sites on the District edges.

Tectonic served as the Town Engineer for Warwick and assisted the Town with the completion of several rehabilitative and new construction projects for the Wickham Water District.

Tectonic provided survey, engineering design, permitting, analytical testing, subsurface, and construction administration and inspection services for the following projects:

  • District expansion approval
  • Repair of an aging 200,000-gallon water storage tank
  • Construction of a new 100,000-gallon water storage tank
  • Chemical treatment system and building for sequestering metals
  • Greensand Filter system for iron and manganese removal
  • New treatment/disinfection building/distribution main
  • 2 new municipal wellsMany of the projects required careful coordination to ensure construction efforts did not impact continued water service for the existing District water users.

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