TBTA Construction Inspection, Construction Monitoring & Materials Testing

Tectonic has been providing construction phase services to the TBTA at numerous locations throughout the five boroughs including, RFK/Triborough Bridge, Throgs Neck Bridge, Whitestone Bridge, Queens Midtown Tunnel, Henry Hudson Bridge and at the TBTA’s training facility on Randall’s Island.

The scope of services included inspection and testing of soils, concrete, and asphalt.   In addition, visual inspection of welds and torque testing of bolted connections were performed for structural steel erection. Ultrasonic and radiographic testing methods were used to perform shop and field inspection of structural steel. Other services included inspection and testing of asphalt paving for temperature, thickness, as well as inspection of fireproofing, reinforcing steel, masonry, piping system pressure, nuclear density and welding.

For the TBTA’s training facility, Tectonic provided soil vapor monitoring and sampling.

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