Tectonic prepared Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and performed weekly construction compliance inspections for projects associated with United States Military installations in New York State. Documentation and protocols were prepared in accordance with NYSDEC GP 0-08-001 and GP 0-10-001 requirements. Services included SWPPP preparation, staged erosion and sediment control design, slope stability analysis, permit preparation, agency coordination, inspection, and permit closeout.

Representative projects include:

• Saugerties Army Reserve Center – The development of a main training building, an organization maintenance facility building, an unheated storage enclosure, parking lots, and other associated facilities on this 15-acre property along the NY State Thruway in Ulster County.

• West Point Department of Logistics Motor Pool – The development of a 41.7-acre site adjacent to a protected surface water body. The project sought and received a waiver from the NYSDEC to disturb more than 5 acres at one time. During large-scale earthmoving operations, additional erosion control measures were employed and inspections were provided twice weekly. Improvements included a 45,000 square foot vehicle maintenance building, a 12,000 square foot administration building, a wastewater treatment plant, an electrical substation, vehicle storage lots, and associated parking, roadways, utilities, embankments, retaining walls, lighting, and landscaping.