Resident Engineering for Eight Bridges I-87/I-287

Tectonic provided resident engineering and construction inspection services for the pavement milling and resurfacing of 8 bridges on I-87/I-287 between mileposts 23.09 and 29.54.

The project required night work and lane closures for the duration of construction. Lane closures involved traffic patterns that accommodate ramps at various locations within the work limits.

The main components involved:

  • Milling (1 ½ “) and repaving bridges at MPs 23.09 (NB), 23.93, 25.10, 25.52, 25.53, 26.87, 29.41 & 29.54.
  • Full depth asphalt milling and repaving (after deck is milled and before repaving, map out future structural deck repairs) at MP 23.09 southbound.

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