Reconstruction of Stewart International Airport & JFK Airport Runways

As part of an ongoing airport terminal expansion program through the FAA, the PANYNJ acquired funding to accommodate the increase in air travel as well as cargo services. The redevelopments and expansions range from a 50,000-square-foot air cargo building to several million dollars for short-term projects, including taxiway improvements, parking lot expansion, 200 additional new seats in the terminal, and a new access road.

Tectonic provided construction inspection services which included milling, removal and replacement of asphalt concrete pavements, site work involving excavation, grading and subgrade preparation, infrastructure work including sub-drainage systems, sanitary/storm sewers, and utility lines. Tectonic also provided concrete testing and sampling services and soils compaction testing with a Nuclear-Density Gauge for controlled backfill and subbase preparations.

Additionally, Tectonic provided Quality Control Technicians to ensure that the placement, joint construction and compaction of the asphaltic concrete pavements for the Runways and taxiways was done in accordance with the specifications.

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