Production of Standards and Schedule Templates for Delivery Lifecycle Management

Tectonic is providing scheduling support services to develop comprehensive project development, concept, preliminary engineering and design critical path schedules and templates to provide logic and execution of large-scale capital projects and capital project bundles, including linking, delinking, relinking and synchronizing of efforts with all stakeholders. Additionally, Tectonic is developing and providing training to key project management personnel on the use of the new schedule templates and standards.

Tectonic is working closely with Program Directors, Project Chief Executive Officers (PCEOs), Design Managers, Construction Managers, Delivery Service Office staff, and end-users, to develop concept, preliminary engineering and design critical path schedules, processes, and checklists to improve project/program delivery forecasts, realize efficiencies and enhance risk identification. The end goal is to provide products to enhance oversight and efficiency throughout the project development, bridging document and Request for Proposal (RFP) process to provide more predictability and identify potential contingencies to be addressed. This is being developed for all procurement methods (e.g. Design Bid Build (DBB), Design Build (DB), Progressive Design Build (PDB), A+B).

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