NYCT Contract CM-1059 – Consultant Construction Management (CCM) Services for the Enhanced Station Initiative

Tectonic was retained by HNTB Corporation to provide Special Inspection services for the NYCT Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) Program on a task-order basis. The focus of the ESI program is to improve customer experience, the continued responsibility of providing a state of good repair in stations, and the development of underlying station aesthetics through construction and design innovation. The work involves the renewal and enhancement of 33 pre-selected stations located in all five boroughs. The work will include making the stations cleaner, brighter and easier to navigate, by utilizing means such as improved lighting and more intuitive wayfinding and will provide amenities such as Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. This will involve architectural finishes (including painting and signage), structural repair and modifications, electrical (including lighting, communications and technology) and mechanical work, as well as architectural and engineering services and surveying.

Stations in which Tectonic & HNTB are performing work to date includes all stations in Construction Package #1: the Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Avenue stations along the BMT 4th Avenue Line (R Train). Station closures are required during construction. Track work requires the simultaneous closure of all stations, with work taking place on one track at a time.

Tectonic is responsible for providing on-site field coverage at all stations, at all times, and preparing daily CCM Field Inspection Reports. Field Engineers are responsible for ensuring that all work is performed in accordance with shop drawings and contract documents.

Categories of Special Inspections performed by Tectonic include structural Steel (welding/bolting); concrete cast-in-place; concrete compression cylinder testing; masonry; wall panels, curtain walls and veneers; sprayed fire-Resistant materials; mechanical systems; and firestop, draftstop, and fireblock systems. Testing services performed by Tectonic include Static Coefficient of Friction testing; concrete coring and bond strength testing; and anchor pull testing.

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