NYC DDC Water Main and Sewer Projects

Tectonic has worked with the New York City Department of Design & Construction for twenty years providing Resident Inspection Engineering (REI) services for various Water Main and Sewer Projects located throughout the NYC area. NYC streets are routinely rehabilitated due to damage caused by storms and normal wear and tear. Recent projects include:

  • Reconstruction of Peck Slip, Manhattan – Worked with utility companies, residents and contractors to help rebuild this densely populated area devastated in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. This included the installation of water main and hydrants, sewers, catch basins, chute connections, manholes and reconstruction of cobblestone roadway.
  • Trunk Water Mains at 8th Avenue, Manhattan – Scope involved the installation of trunk water mains in the Jackson Square area in addition to private utilities relocation and capital work to connect Water Tunnel #3 to the distribution system in Manhattan.
  • Reconstruction of College Point Boulevard, Queens – An extensive project to extend and replace distribution water mains along College Point Blvd. This impacted various communities and the project team ensured the public notification of service disruption complied with Agency protocol and in a timely manner. Community outreach included survey of the affected area to establish critical water needs.
  • Installation of Storm and Sanitary Sewers in Beach 29th Street, Queens – The proximity of the project site to the beach required Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP), corrosion control.

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