NJT Portal Bridge North Project

The existing, 111-year-old Portal Bridge was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad and entered revenue service in November 1910. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bridge carried more than 450 daily Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT trains and 200,000 daily passengers over the Hackensack. This two-track, moveable swing span is a major bottleneck and source of delays, particularly when the aging bridge malfunctions during opening and closing for maritime traffic.

Tectonic is providing Quality Control (QC) Inspections, Third-Party Materials Testing, and Drilled Shaft Integrity Testing for NJ Transit Contract 20-083X, Portal Bridge North. Tectonic provided these services the following various disciplines and the scope of work that they entail:


  • Signal Bridges (Foundations and Superstructure)
  • Cable Trough System – Integral with Structures
  • Signal Bungalow Support Structure (Bump Out or Ground)
  • Housing Compound Fencing
  • Local Conduit / Cable


  • Communications Equipment
  • Communications Cabling – Fiber and Copper
  • Communications Shelter Cabling
  • Communications Shelters – with equipment
  • Drilling
  • Shelter Grounding
  • Shelter Battery Plant

Traction Power

  • Switch Heater Unit Substations (Complete)
  • Switch Heater Distribution + Cabling – HV & Main 480V feeders
  • Switch Heater Distribution and Cabling – Locals
  • Signal Power Transformers – 100Hz and 25Hz
  • Underground Signal Power Conduit / Cabling
  • Aerial Signal Power Cabling
  • SCADA RTU Equipment Housings (Complete)
  • 60Hz Power Equipment
  • 60Hz Power Cabling
  • Local Utility Electrical Services
  • Interlocking Lighting – Complete
  • Motor Operated Disconnect Switch control cabling and raceway
  • Traction Power System Related Conduit Systems


  • Welded Track Installation Complete
  • Welded Turnout Installation
  • Bridge Guard Rail
  • Additional Ballast
  • Bonded Insulated Joints
  • Additional Welds


  • Structural Steel Demolition and Removal
  • Fender System Demolition and Removal
  • Miter Rails
  • Signal System Removal – Cables, Bungalows
  • Electric Traction Power System Removal
  • Trackwork System Removal – Rails, Ties, OTM
  • Catenary System Removal – Catenary Poles
  • Catenary System Removal – Cat Pole and Down Guy Foundations
  • Existing Decommissioned Catenary System Removal

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