Tectonic provided surveying and construction inspection services as a subcontractor for the deck replacement on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the most traveled of the New York State Bridge Authority’s bridges. The south bridge deck span was replaced with 1,850 newly fabricated bridge concrete grid panels, giving the deck a new life span of 50 years.

Tectonic provided surveying construction support services including:

  • Taking preliminary measurements on the road surface to determine the location of cut outs for lights and drains, and all expansion joints.
  • Providing layout services including the layout of panel locations for saw cutting and marks for the alignment of new panels.
  • Calculating haunch tables from a combination of existing and proposed bridge elevations to successfully transfer girder locations from underneath the bridge to the top of the bridge.

In addition to these services, Tectonic also provided Quality Assurance and Quality Control on construction inspections and materials testing services for the fabrication of the grid decking.