MTA / NYCT Rockaway Line Resiliency and Rehabilitation

Tectonic is providing all Environmental Management, Inspection, and Assessment services, as well as Special Inspection & Material Testing services, as part of the design build team. Specific environmental management services includes: creation of an Environmental Management Plan, submission of various environmental permits (including USACE, NYSDEC, USCG, NYSDOS, NEPA, SEQR, and CEQR), creation of various environmental work plans (including waste management, dust control, spill prevention and response, etc.), air monitoring for remediation work performed by others, and sampling and reporting for lead & asbestos sampling, water discharge, soil & debris analysis, groundwater analysis, and more.

The Rockaway Line is a vital link in the NYC subway system, connecting mainland Queens with the Rockaway peninsula. The Rockaway Line and the viaduct that it sits on divides into two branches at Hammels Wye: the east branch carries rail operations to Far Rockaway and the west branch carries rail operations to Rockaway Park.

The project will rehabilitate and repair critical viaduct infrastructure along the Rockaway Line to strengthen resilience against flooding and improve service reliability. Key elements include:

  • Structural rehabilitation of the century old Hammels Wye viaduct complex, a critical rail junction connecting the east and west branches.
  • Targeted repairs along the elevated structures of the east and west branches to address locations most vulnerable to storm damage. Repairs will aim to prevent future washouts, rail breaks and service disruptions.
  • Installation of new flood barriers, pumps, trenches, and other mitigation measures at flood-prone locations in order to bolster protection of track infrastructure against storm surges and flash floods.
  • Construction of a new signal tower, track crossover, and associated systems at Beach 105th Street Station to allow for improved train routing flexibility and schedule resilience.
  • Replacement of outdated electrical and mechanical components on the South Channel Bridge to improve safety and reliability.

Project locations include:

  • Howard Beach, Broad Channel and Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street Stations and Broad Channel Relay Room
  • North and South Channel Bridges, Subway Island Viaduct and Abutments
  • Beach 105th Station
  • Circuit Breaker House 550
  • Viaduct Rehabilitation at Hammels Wye Campus
  • Viaduct Rehabilitation along portions of the Eastern and Western Branches

The overall goals are to harden key viaduct and bridge infrastructure against climate change impacts and ensure reliable service along the Rockaway Line for decades to come.

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