MTA / LIRR On-Call Construction Management Supervision Services: Engineers / Inspectors for Bridge Painting

Tectonic is providing Resident Engineering and Inspection services for various Long Island Rail Road bridge painting projects on an on-call basis. Painting Program tasks vary in scope, schedule and budget.

Tectonic staff acts as the Railroad’s on-site representative. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Monitoring containment installation engineering controls, surface preparation methods, coatings applications and air sampling protocols for conformance to regulations and guidelines; ensuring all personnel’s completion of Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) training; recording daily activities and progress of work in detail, including high lighting consistencies, non-conformances, field tests, labor and equipment allocation, and daily written reports; preparing meeting minutes; monitoring permanent equipment and materials for completeness, safety and conformance with design drawings; assisting the LIRR in reviewing and approving contractor invoices; ensuring adherence to quality and safety plans; attending job meetings; performing, witnessing and recording tests; reviewing insurance claims; maintaining Safety Data Sheets (SDS); and maintaining accident reports.

Bridge painting locations to date include:

  • Springfield Boulevard (09-O-133)
  • 150th Street – 4 bridges (53-O-091, 53-W-091, 06-O-095, 06-W-095)
  • Cypress Avenue (54-O-107)
  • Hillside Avenue / Briggs (29-O-076)
  • PN-BS Bridge Painting Group 1 – Woodhaven Boulevard / Jamaica Avenue / Lefferts Boulevard

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