Metro-North Grand Central Terminal Projects – Construction Management

Tectonic is providing construction management, REI services with our joint venture partner, Gannett-Fleming, on various Grand Central Terminal (GCT) projects over a 5-year period. The team provides on-site full-time managers and inspectors to supervise and coordinate the work and meet quality and schedule demands. The team meets with the owner and the architect regularly to discuss project progress and address owner or architect concerns and then react proactively to resolve the issue before a problem arises. Tectonic processes all contractor payment requisitions to ensure that the payment made for the completed work is accurate and reflects the actual progress to date. With a full time, safety manager on staff, the team provides the eyes and ears for Metro North to avoid any contractor safety issues to the 24/7 Grand Central Terminal Building. The projects are valued at over 100 million dollars and include: 11 Escalator, Elevator Renewal project Phase IV (Elevators SE-1, SE-2, and A-Car), GCT Train Shed Fire Suppression Replacement Project, Carey’s Hole Elevator, GCT Elevator T-35, and the Relocation of 347 Madison PBX and Node to GCT.

Grand Central Terminal Escalators

Work involves phased replacement of all eleven escalators in Grand Central Terminal; Construction of new control rooms; installation of new escalator trusses, controllers, and all necessary appurtenances; Installation of temporary construction barriers to isolate all site work from commuters and MNR employees; Maintenance & Protection on New York City streets; and Installation/restoration of two head houses at the North End Access Spines.

Grand Central Terminal Renewal Project Phase IV (SE-1, SE-2, & A-Car)

Work consists of replacing the existing roped hydraulic elevators with new in-ground hydraulic application, which will provide a more reliable product and will better utilize the elevator hoistway space. This work requires significant well hole drilling of approximately 50’ deep and 3 feet in diameter to accommodate the hydraulic pistons.

Carey’s Hole Elevators SE-6 and SE-7

This work features a new two car, 4-stop bore hole type hydraulic elevator bank that will serve both as a handicap accessible passenger elevator for the public and MNR employees as well as for light freight transportation. The uppermost landing of the elevator bank will be located adjacent to the Vanderbilt Ramp at the 42nd Street entrance, and three additional landings will serve as the Main Concourse, Dining Concourse and the Lower Platform levels.

Grand Central Terminal Train Shed Fire Suppression System

Work encompasses the replacement of the existing fire suppression system in both the upper and lower levels of the train shed at the Grand Central Terminal between 43rd and 57th Streets. The base contract provides for replacement of the lower-level system with two options to replace the fire suppression system on the upper level.

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