Central Park Police Precinct Soil Investigation

Remediation of an existing landmark police precinct building in Central Park. Three leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) were located on the property, adjacent to the existing building, which resulted in petroleum contamination of soils under and adjacent to the building.

A remedial investigation was performed in the building footprint to delineate petroleum impacted soils using shallow test pits, organic vapor screening and soil/groundwater sampling accordance with NYSDEC DER-10.  A remedial investigation report was prepared including sampling methodology, test pit logs, data analysis, conclusions and remedial alternatives.  An indoor air assessment was conducted with an underslab vapor collection system and SVE remediation system designed and installed.

Tectonic worked with NYCDDC to get NYSDEC approval during these conditions discovered during construction to avoid project delays, remove several feet of petroleum-impacted soils, and address potential vapor intrusion to impacts future occupants.

The project received the following awards: 2013 ACEC Gold Award; 2012 Lucy Moses Award for outstanding preservation efforts; and 2010 ACEC Platinum Award to Tectonic for innovative design of a below grade SVE remedial system minimizing visual effect.

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