Amtrak: Penn Station Improvements and Gateway Projects – Various QA, Geotechnical, Survey, Special Inspection, and Material Testing Assignments

Tectonic provided an array of Quality Assurance, Special Inspections, Material Testing, and Geotechnical Engineering services for Amtrak’s Penn Station Improvements and Gateway Tunnel (Phase I – Hudson Yard Casings) projects. All services were provided in accordance with NYC Construction Codes and NYCRR 1204.8 Uniform Code for various complex and mid-and- large-scale Amtrak rail projects.

Penn Station Fan Room No. 1 & No.2 Reconstruction:

Scope of work included cast in place concrete; masonry units; structural steel; fire stopping; inspection of reinforcement; formwork; concrete pouring and sampling; plant inspection, batch, and mix; compression strength testing; slump testing; cylinders pick-up and delivery; controlled inspection of placement, bedding, and curing; welding and bolting.

Replacement of Stairway and Escalator #19 in Penn Station:

As part of the larger Penn Station Improvements project for Amtrak, Tectonic provided Special Inspections, Material Testing, and Surveying associated with this escalator and stair replacement project. Tectonic’s scope of work included investigation and advisement on remediation associated with water infiltration issues; performing concrete coring and associated compressive strength tests; performing non-destructive GPR scanning of walls; and performing visual code-required structural steel welding inspections.

Hudson Yards Tunnels –Gateway, Phase I:

As part of the larger Gateway program to construct a new rail tunnel between NYC Penn Station and New Jersey, this first phase of the program constructed new casings leading to the future tunnel underneath LIRR’s Hudson Yards. As part of this project, Tectonic provided QA, Geotechnical, Special Inspections, and Material Testing for the Design-Builder as an agent to Amtrak. Our scope of work included:

  • Geotechnical Services: Rock Reinforcement Design for Temporary Ground Support of Tunnels & Shafts; Tunnel Construction Engineering; Geologic Mapping & Special Inspections of Underpinning, Subgrades, Wall Borings & Test Pits
  • Third Party Laboratory Materials Testing & Inspection Services: Soils, Concrete (i.e., cast-in-place concrete, shotcrete, masonry, jet grouting) and Steel.
  • Special Inspector of Record/Code Compliance Services
  • Preparation of Inspection & Testing Plan (ITP)

Imperial Fireproofing on 1st Ave Amtrak Tunnel:

The project included mechanical equipment structures at the Sunnyside Yard and North Bergen portals, mechanical equipment rooms in the Amtrak vent shaft structures at 1st Avenue, at 11th Avenue serving the tunnels at Penn Station, and in the Amtrak Weehawken vent shaft. The MEP components in the mechanical rooms and tunnels, such as the fire standpipe, electrically operated valves, power panels and wiring, low-voltage control wiring, compressed air system, deluge valves, fire alarm control system, monitoring equipment, and annunciators.

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