Tectonic provided the following services on over 2,000 sites:

File audits

  • To insure what modifications, if any, to the lease were needed as well as check what the existing zoning approval permitted.

Site Audit

  • Visit each site and take measurements and photographs to detail current conditions.


  • Meet with client and go over details on how to make upgrades work at site while keeping rents in line with allowable rates.


  • Send notice or consent letters to Landlords, or if needed, negotiate an amendment with the landlord.


  • File for zoning and planning when needed. File for Electrical and building permits.


  • Prepare all civil site plans for the site. Prepare a structural assessment letter, or a full structural analysis when required.

FAA 1A/2C Surveys

  • Conduct FAA 1A/2C Surveys when required.

Construction Management

  • Manage all client vendors to insure proper construction at the site.