Tectonic entered into an agreement with the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) to provide geotechnical and boring inspection services at various locations throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Borings were taken to obtain reliable soil strata information for the preparation of plans for the construction of various infrastructure and structure projects including road reconstruction and utility installation/replacement, municipal building construction and recreational facilities. Administered by the NYCDDC, Tectonic provided up to six inspectors to monitor various drilling contractors. Additional services included:

  • Review and analysis of subsurface and laboratory data.
  • Development of foundation design criteria.
  • Report preparation with foundation recommendations.
  • During construction, provided technical advisory services for projects that varied from street and utility relocation to multi-story building construction for various NYC agencies that are under the auspices of the NYCDDC.
  • Coordination and supervision of Contractor’s activities (boring operations, including layout and controlled inspection)
  • Classification and performance testing services.