Rooftop Real Estate Assets Manager

The project consisted of development of an integrated marketing and leasing program for generation of revenue from the installation of telecommunication facilities from the NYCEDC Brooklyn Army Terminal Rooftop Assets.

Tectonic’s in-house professional team provided a total integrated management plan for rooftop asset management that focused on the following key areas:

  • Marketing
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Implementation Strategies to Improve Wireless Access
  • Design and Development Evaluations
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
  • RF Safety Issues
  • Construction Compliance
  • On-Going Management and Revenue Collection

Additionally, Tectonic will invoice and collect lease payments from telecommunications tenants and distribute to NYCEDC, and provide NYCEDC with written monthly updates reports discussing potential tenants, marketing status, leasing negotiation issues, revenue generation, construction schedules and other project issues to maintain lines of communication with NYCEDC.

Communication Tower Structural Analyses

Tectonic has been retained for a three (3) year term contract with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission performing engineering design services and structural analyses for communication towers. Services include:

  • Tower Inspections And Mapping
  • Structural Analysis
  • Foundation Investigation
  • Design Of Tower Modifications
  • Review Of Plans And Reports Prepared By Others
  • Alignment Surveys
  • Development Of Standard Procedures And Specifications

Tectonic is providing these services for more than 50 self-supporting towers and monopoles located throughout the Commonwealth. The purpose of the project is to achieve uniform evaluation and documentation of all existing towers that are either owned by the PTC, or on which they have leased space.

Verizon Wireless Generator Projects

Tectonic was retained by Verizon Wireless to provide Turnkey Program Management services for the site acquisition, leasing, permitting, and engineering design of 2,000 generator sites in the North Carolina and South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and El Paso markets. All services were performed sole source utilizing Tectonic’s in-house staff.

Tectonic’s turnkey services included the following:

  • Program Management
  • File Audits
  • Physical Site Audits & Design Inspection
  • Constructability Review
  • Leasing
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Environmental/Regulatory Review
  • Zoning and Construction Engineering Plan Preparation
  • Zoning/Municipal Permitting
  • Building Permit Application
  • Close Out Documentation

The project had very aggressive time frames. In less than 6 months, Tectonic was able to obtain over 300 building permits for the Verizon Wireless construction manager to start generator construction. This included sites in coastal and historic zones. Due to coastal flood zones, as well as regulatory concerns, Tectonic designed a special containment system which was approved by Verizon Wireless and enabled Verizon Wireless to utilize diesel generators on sites previously thought to be unfeasible for placement in flood plains.


Tectonic provided the following services on over 2,000 sites:

File audits

  • To insure what modifications, if any, to the lease were needed as well as check what the existing zoning approval permitted.

Site Audit

  • Visit each site and take measurements and photographs to detail current conditions.


  • Meet with client and go over details on how to make upgrades work at site while keeping rents in line with allowable rates.


  • Send notice or consent letters to Landlords, or if needed, negotiate an amendment with the landlord.


  • File for zoning and planning when needed. File for Electrical and building permits.


  • Prepare all civil site plans for the site. Prepare a structural assessment letter, or a full structural analysis when required.

FAA 1A/2C Surveys

  • Conduct FAA 1A/2C Surveys when required.

Construction Management

  • Manage all client vendors to insure proper construction at the site.

Metro PCS Telecommunication Services

Tectonic is retained exclusively to provide Engineering services for approximately 250 cell sites located in Midtown Manhattan, Westchester County and Long Island for the MetroPCS network launch in the New York City Metro Area. Tectonic’s responsibilities include structural and geotechnical engineering, tower analysis, zoning, FAA 1A/2C Surveys, Environmental Due Diligence, Phase I, NEPA/SHPO and construction certification services for the project. Additional services provided include Building Permit support and Construction Inspections. Subsequent services include conversion of 120 sites to LTE.

Verizon Wireless Telecommunication Services

Tectonic was exclusively retained by Verizon to conduct site audits for existing Alltel Sites purchased by Verizon. There are over 400 sites in the region. Tectonic’s services included tower inventories, tower analysis, structural design, site design drawings for construction and zoning, due diligence and construction oversight. Sites are located in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

Services Provided:

  • Site Inspections
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Tower Mapping Inventories
  • Tower Analysis of Alltel Towers
  • Construction Inspection
  • Antenna Upgrade Programs
  • Electric Upgrades
  • New Shelters
  • Emergency Generators

Tectonic is also providing on-going services for their LTE, LTK and new build pipeline program.

Verizon Wireless Turnkey Small Cell Services

Tectonic is currently performing real estate, permitting and engineering services for Verizon Wireless for their Small Cell projects.

Tectonic identifies viable candidates that meet the RF objectives. Tectonic then leases the site and performs due diligence services for the primary site. In addition to the real estate services, Tectonic performs all engineering services including lease exhibits, zoning/construction drawings, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, photo simulations and land surveying. Tectonic performs all municipal permitting including planning, zoning, architectural review and building permits.

Verizon Wireless Turnkey Modification Services

Tectonic has been retained by Verizon Wireless since 2009 to provide Turnkey Services including Project Management, Site Acquisition, Engineering Services, and Construction Management Services for the LTE, AWS, PCS & RRH deployment in multiple states. Tectonic has completed, or is working on, over 10,000 sites nationally.

Services provided include the following:

  • Program Management
  • File Audits
  • Physical Site Audits & Design Inspection
  • Constructability Review
  • Tower / Mount Analysis
  • Leasing
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Environmental/Regulatory Review
  • Zoning and Construction Engineering Plan Preparation
  • Zoning/Municipal Permitting
  • Building Permit Application
  • Preparing Bid Packages/Conducting Bid Walks
  • Preparing Bill of Materials
  • Bid Review and Reporting
  • Construction Management
  • Close Out Documentation

Verizon Wireless MSC Switch Facilities

Tectonic performed the programmatic building design for new Switching Facilities for Verizon Wireless. Tectonic took all projects from the design board through successful zoning approval, issuance of Construction Documents and into construction. For several facilities, Tectonic took the lead as overall Project Management of building system designs and construction management. Tectonic led it’s design team through value engineered systems of innovative and cost-effective options to provide Verizon Wireless with smarter, more energy-efficient buildings.

Tectonic additionally revised the initial preliminary floor plans to be more function-related and better suited to the needs of day-to-day operations. Building elevations were developed and renderings produced to illustrate the proposed buildings for purposes of jurisdictional approvals.

SBA Communications

These projects involved the design and FCC/FAA regulatory approvals for telecommunication towers. Tectonic has a long term and on-going teaming relationship with SBA; some representative projects include:

New Tower Build Program

  • Tectonic provides site acquisition, zoning, environmental, survey, construction inspection, viewshed analysis/simulations and engineering for the SBA new tower build program.

Sprint Keebler Project

  • Tectonic provided turn-key engineering, structural analysis, environmental, construction inspection and survey services on 350 sites in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington DC markets.

ATT Foxtrot Project

  • Tectonic provided engineering, structural analysis, zoning and construction drawings, photo simulations, environmental studies, surveying and construction certificates for over 100 sites in the New York Metro area.

Metro PCS

  • Tectonic was retained to provide engineering services for 180 cell sites located in Manhattan and Westchester County for the MetroPCS network launch in the New York City Metro Area. Tectonic provided full scope engineering, FAA Survey and Environmental Due Diligence services for the project. Additional services provided include Building Permit support, Viewshed analysis/simulations and Construction Inspections.

Sprint/Georgia PCS Project

  • Tectonic provide engineering design and environmental studies to support the construction of approximately 125 site guy towers. Services included: surveying, NEPA/Phase I studies, zoning plans and construction documents, geotechnical & foundation engineering and structural design & analysis.