Verizon LTE Process Plan

Tectonic was retained by Verizon Wireless to provide professional services on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Project. Tectonic’s role in the project was as follows:

  • Site Acquisition services – Coordinate site inspections, structural assessments, zoning drawings.
  • Leasing services – Contact landlords for notification, consent, lease amendments, applications, POR’s and process same for submission of deal memo.
  • Zoning – Review zoning requirements, attend meetings to represent application and approval, coordinate, compile and submit documents for application and building permits.
  • Regulatory/Environmental Review – Supply Tower Collocation Modification form to RF for regulatory filing, supply site specific construction brief for environmental review, obtain NPA or PAL letters for non Verizon owned sites, coordinate and supply necessary back up documentation for approvals, file EDR (Environmental Data Resource) and Sensitive Receptors and/or Notice to Contractor-Lead Containing Paint as directed; ensure any conditions of approval are documented.
  • A&E Services – Conduct site visit, review existing construction drawings and structural reports/ assessments, prepare preliminary construction/zoning drawings, issue final construction/zoning drawings based on client approval of preliminary, and coordinate and track internal structural assessments and reports.
  • Construction Handoff – Coordinate hard and soft copies of forms, CDs, structural reports-inspections/permit deposits.
  • Closeout Package – Contains hard copies of all required documents.

SBA Communications Projects

Tectonic provides site acquisition, zoning, environmental, survey, construction inspection, viewshed analysis/simulations and engineering for the SBA new tower build program.

Tectonic performs the original scrub of the search area on behalf of SBA to insure there are no competing towers. Once Tectonic has demonstrated that the area is a viable area for SBA, they are given a search ring.

Tectonic then provides the following:

  • 3 viable candidates submitted
  • Leasing of the approved candidate
  • Title cure of the approved candidate
  • Coordination and ordering of A&E and survey
  • Coordination and ordering of Environmental
  • Viewshed analysis maps
  • Photo simulations
  • Municipal Permitting (with/without legal counsel)
  • Coordination of Building Permit
  • Close out documentation