Tectonic's staff of knowledgeable environmental engineers and scientists provide diversified expertise in environmental investigations, design, consulting and monitoring services for both public and private-sector clients. We serve our clients by reducing regulatory burden while constructing a streamlined compliance effort to remain consistent with project requirements and facilitate efficient progress.  To accomplish these goals, we provide a wide variety of services with the main objective of understanding the client needs, analyzing the regulatory framework and translating that to a clear plan of action that we follow through successful completion of the project.

ACM and Lead ServicesSite Investigation & RemediationNEPA, SEQR, & CEQR Compliance ServicesCultural Resource ManagementEcological & Wildlife ServicesOil & Gas DevelopmentNJ LSRP ServicesIndoor Environmental Health Assessments for Schools and Child Care Centers

ACM, Lead and Mold Services

Serving both private and public clients, Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. provides a full range of asbestos, lead and mold consulting services for a diverse range of clients, including state and local governments, as well as private contractors and developers, with a focus on meeting every client’s project-specific needs. Tectonic provides project management, inspections, risk assessments, on-site project monitoring, and clearance sampling performed by experienced certified inspectors and project monitors. Tectonics mold inspectors are trained to identify mold as well as the moisture issues causing mold growth, whether it be humidity, condensation, leaks, trapped moisture, or other causes.

Tectonic has experience performing lead dust and paint abatement activities in single family residential homes in connection with its administration of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds appropriated by the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013 (Pub. L. 113-2), including recently for the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery related to Hurricane Sandy disaster recovery efforts.

Services include:


  • AHERA Inspection and Management Plan
  • Asbestos Investigation
  • Asbestos Sampling and Testing
  • Asbestos Abatement Design and Specification
  • Asbestos Abatement

  • Lead Paint Inspections
  • Lead Risk Assessments
  • Lead Project Design
  • Remediation Oversight
  • Lead Abatement
  • Air, Chip, Wipe and Soil Lead Content Sampling
  • Potable Water Sampling
  • Lead Training Service
  • Lead In Paint Survey (Paint Chip Sampling)

  • Mold Investigations and Documentation
  • Microbial (Mold) Sampling
  • Microbial (Mold) Remediation Oversight
  • Microbial (Mold) Abatement

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Tectonic performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Phase II ESAs for client due diligence to afford CERCLA liability innocent landowner protection as well as alert clients to potential environmental site concerns and liabilities that could affect project development and costs. Phase I ESAs are performed by environmental professionals (EPs) in close conformance with ASTM standard E1527-05, in order to identify obvious and likely potential sources of contamination and assess general environmental conditions of the property. The Phase II ESAs are performed in accordance with ATSM E 1903 when site subsurface investigation and testing is required. Tectonic’s ESAs provide clear conclusions and practical recommendations that clear the way for our clients to proceed with their projects in a cost effective manner.

Remedial Design of Contaminated Soil/Groundwater

Tectonic performs remedial site investigations to determine the presence and extent of contaminated soils and groundwater. The investigations utilize field-testing and observation, laboratory testing, and computer modeling to best understand the present and predicted conditions of the site. Tectonic then determines the most efficient cleanup strategy and design that best fits the objectives and timeline of the client and project while achieving regulatory compliance. Whenever feasible and practical, Tectonic seeks to identify methods to manage low impacted materials on site using engineering controls such as capping with new buildings or parking lots, or other methods to minimize offsite disposal requirements and costs.

Hydrogeologic Groundwater Modeling Investigations and Pump Tests

Tectonic's staff includes experienced hydrogeologists and geologists that perform subsurface investigations that gather information for hydrogeologic modeling of construction dewatering projects, water supply wells and contaminant fate and transport modeling. Tectonic’s hydrogeologists then interpret the investigation data gathered during subsurface investigations to construct a groundwater model using the latest version of MODFLOW. These models are then used to optimize well placement for dewatering or to determine where a contaminant plume is migrating, so that effective remedial systems can be designed and implemented. Tectonic performs groundwater resource investigations and can design and perform pump tests to evaluate and develop groundwater supplies. Tectonic uses the most current technology with experienced field staff to collect accurate data. Using the pump test data, we can determine long term safe yields and address wellhead projection issues to maintain the quality of your groundwater resource.

Regulated Waste and Soil Disposal

Tectonic provides consultation during the removal of contaminated soils and solid waste. Tectonic performs sampling and provides analysis of potential waste materials generated during construction phase activities to determine and identify disposal facility requirements and meet their permit conditions for acceptable waste, as well as the proposal record keeping and documentation associated with the transportation and disposal.

Brownfield Re-development

Tectonic offers our client’s brownfield redevelopment services to assist in determining the nature and extent of site contamination through research and iterative site investigations steps that optimize the use of resources by focusing on specific areas of concern. Based on our delineation of contaminants in the affected soils and groundwater media, we prepare remedial plans and cost estimates for addressing site contamination, as well as identifying cost saving measures such as site reuse or funding programs such as the Brownfield Cleanup Program tax incentives.

Landfill Closures

Tectonic offers a full service for landfills from site investigation plans, closure plans to construction and certification of closure to long-term monitoring. We are experienced in the use of all geosynthetics and their applications to reduce construction costs and time frames, as well as the detailed documentation required to certify closure to regulatory agencies. We also assist clients with landfill reuse options such as parks and recreation, or the construction of new facilities over former landfills using stabilization techniques such as dynamic compaction or deep foundations to address waste mass settlement.

Independent Environmental Monitoring

Tectonic provides oversight during all phases of construction activities to insure environmental compliance. Tectonic has provided field inspection, materials testing, and reporting to enable the project to stay on track with regulatory agencies and properly document the measures performed to provide the proper confidence in the level of environmental diligence during the project.

Air Monitoring

Tectonic provides physical particulate and volatile organic air monitoring services for environmentally impacted project sites in the New York Metropolitan Area and surrounding tri-state area. To meet project and regulatory compliance requirements, Tectonic has prepared site-specific environmental health and safety and community air monitoring plans, and has provided project oversight of these programs in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. Tectonic has experienced staff of environmental engineers and scientists that provide real-time particulate air monitoring for fugitive dust suppression, as well as screening for volatile and semi-volatile organic vapor compounds on heavy/civil commercial construction site projects.

Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is the investigative steps required in the sale, acquisition, and redevelopment of property, in order to be in compliance with certain Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Real estate transactions often are complicated by perceived or actual site contamination and must comply with environmental regulations to assess whether the property, location, or site is free of harmful environmental concerns or represents a potential cost liability to the owner or purchasers. These sites must be evaluated to determine the nature and distribution of contamination in site soils and groundwater, and whether levels allow more cost effective measures such as in-place mitigation or may be subject to regulatory enforcement requiring site remediation.

Tectonic’s environmental team provides expert consultation to public and private clients regarding transactional due diligence. These services typically include Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations, and Remedial Design. During this process, Tectonic delineates and confirms the presence or absence of real concerns in a clear and precise manner to determine the potential contaminants , limits, and severity.

We are focused on satisfying the increasing need to reuse land affected by contamination as well as intelligently supporting efforts to develop greenfield sites in a responsible manner, balancing the needs of the public and critical infrastructure while preserving the enjoyment of the natural environment. We clear the environmental issues in advance of planned design, demolition, construction, or renovation employing various time-tested mitigation strategies that skillfully integrate the planned site improvements with avoidance or reduction of environmental l impacts. This approach brings regulator’s into the process early and optimizes their support for the project.

Tectonic has completed thousands of NEPA Assessment Services for projects all across the continental United States, and has extensive experience working with Federal, State, and Tribal agencies and governments.

Tectonic employs Secretary of the Interior Qualified Archaeologists and Historians, Wildife Biologists, Geologists, and other highly qualified environmental scientists to ensure that every project receives the specialized support necessary to ensure excellence in identifying and satisfying all regulatory compliance needs.

Tectonic has conducted environmental services and regulatory reviews in accordance with the NEPA and state NEPA-like reviews including State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and City Environmental Quality Review Act (CEQRA) on over 2,000 HUD and Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funded projects. Recently, Tectonic was selected by the NYS Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery to perform NEPA Environmental reviews as part of the CDBG-DR Economic Development Activities and New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program. These projects include providing compliance reviews for small business and local municipal recipients of CDBG-DR funding across the 30 disaster counties in New York State.


  • NEPA
  • Environmental Asessments
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Categorical Exclusions
  • Specialized Support Studies
  • Determination of Action Type
  • Agency Coordination
  • Environmental Assessment Forms
  • Negative Declarations
  • Lead Agency Letters/Type II Memos
Specialized Support Services

  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Wetland Delineations & Permitting
  • Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Section 106 NHPA
  • Historic & Pre-historic Studies (CRM)
  • Tribal Consultation and Monitoring Plans
  • Visual Impact Assessments
Key Clients

  • Dept. of Energy: Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA)
  • NYS Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)
  • NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Several Top Telecommunication Carriers

Tectonic has conducted archaeological, historic and environmental reviews for more than thirty years, servicing clients throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Providing a broad range of services, Tectonic has successfully completed projects involving National Register properties, National Historic Landmarks, culturally sensitive landscapes and sensitive environmental settings. Tectonic is unique in the business as we strive to work closely with our clients and review agencies while offering a diverse and talented in-house staff of professional, including Secretary of the Interior qualified archaeologists and historians, to address multi-disciplinary project requirements as a single source.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Project Review under Section 106
  • NEPA Investigation and Reporting
  • SEQRA Compliance
Archaeological Services

  • Phase IA/IB Surveys
  • Phase II Site Evaluations
  • Phase III Mitigation
  • Construction Impacts
Historic Preservation Services

  • Historic Research
  • Eligibility Assessments of Historic Structures
  • Historic Site Protection and Mitigation
Visual Impact Assessment

  • GIS Viewshed Mapping
  • Balloon Testing
  • Photo Simulations
  • Visual Impact Assessment Reports

Wetland Services

Tectonic’s well trained professional staff includes Certified Professional Wetland Delineators, soil scientists, field botanists, and wildlife biologists. Tectonic’s staff can guide you through the regulatory process with sound, professional advice that will enable you to determine the permitting requirements for your project. Our clients benefit by our extensive understanding of wetland hydrology, ecology, and surface/groundwater interactions. These services include the following:

  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Wetlands Mitigation and Monitoring Plans
  • Hydric Soils and Hydrophytic Vegetation Identification
  • Letters of Interpretation (LOI) in New Jersey
  • New York State Freshwater and Tidal Wetland Permitting
  • New York State Protection of Waters Permits
  • Section 401 Water Quality Certification
  • Section 404/10 US Army Corp of Engineers Permitting
  • Local Permitting
  • Jurisdictional Determinations

Wildlife Species Services

Tectonic’s group of certified ecologists and wildlife biologists certified in Habitat Evaluation Procedures by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service specializes in state and federal permitting, mitigation, and regulatory issues. Tectonic’s staff of qualified biologists allows us the flexibility of dealing with a diverse array of federal and state-listed endangered or threatened wildlife and vegetative species as well as invasive species. Services include:

  • Presence/Absence Surveys
  • Habitat Suitability Assessments
  • Permit Applications and Mitigation Plans
  • Pre-submittal consultations to determine permit feasibility
  • Post-development Bio-monitoring Species
  • Monitoring

Invasive Species Services

In today’s global environment, international trade has influenced the spread of non-native, invasive species in the United States. These species have caused a multitude of problems in many natural ecosystems, and these problems will persist into the future unless their populations are identified and their dispersal controlled. Tectonic’s staff includes qualified field botanists, dendrologists, biologists and Certified Professional Wetland Delineators that can provide you with the invasive species services, including:

  • Field Surveys, GPS Identification
  • Botanical Inventories
  • Documentation and Mitigation Plans
  • Removal, Disposal and Restoration
  • On-Site/Post-Remediation Monitoring

Tectonic recognizes the potential of both natural gas and oil development utilizing horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing to continue to develop large reserves within the West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and potentially New York State regions. As a result, we are fully committed to providing strong, results oriented services to the upstream and midstream segments of this growing industry. To accomplish our goal of being a leader of engineering services, we have focused on staying thoroughly informed on developments within the industry’s Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. We have both permanent environmental engineers/scientists and a wide network of pipeline staff available immediately to perform work on both oil and natural gas pipelines. Our services focus on wildlife, wetlands, stream crossings, and archaeological surveys as well as construction phase EI and Biological Monitoring that complement our multi-disciplined services, thereby augmenting our comprehensive ability to serve our clients. Tectonic is a PEC Premier certified company striving to make the workplace a safer environment by utilizing standardized training programs and contractor evaluation processes that minimize potential risks and ensure quality control.

As a large, southern-tier based New York firm with an office in Pittsburgh, PA, Tectonic has a unique ability to service the natural gas drilling, gathering and pipeline industry. We are based locally and have substantial in-house resources. We are geographically close to the gas reserves with strong experience working with and addressing concerns of local townships and villages. Tectonic’s expertise with federal, state and local permitting provides us with the first hand knowledge required to expedite applications and facilitate regulatory approvals. Our highly motivated group of professionals is dedicated to the long-term success of the oil and natural gas industry within our region and we seek to proactively deliver successful projects.

Multi-Disciplined Engineering Services Include:

  • Pipeline and Utility Environmental Inspection (EI) & Biological Monitoring
  • Ecological Services (wetlands, wildlife, invasive species)
  • Archaeology/Cultural Resource Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments/Remediation/Compliance
  • Air, Water, Noise and Soils Testing and Monitoring
  • Road Infrastructure Engineering & Surveying
  • Water Resource Development/Watershed and Stormwater Management
  • Dam/Impoundment Services

Tectonic provides NJ Licensed Site Remediation Practice (LSRP) services that specializes in safely completing expedited environmental evaluations and industrial clean-ups at contaminated sites. A "contaminated site" is wherever chemical pollutants or conditions are found in (or spreading from) an indoor space, building, or outdoor area or buried location; that fails to satisfy applicable safety criteria. Contamination can be present in air, soil, water, and from wastes or processes. Contamination exposes people to pollutants through drinking wells, contaminated indoor air, or through toxic or harmful exposures in occupied or confined spaces - where dangerous contamination is nearby, touchable, or inhalable. The LSRP services include testing (sampling and analysis) characterizations and then implementing remedial response actions for chemical substances and physical agents in various settings.

Contaminated Real Estate Services

All over the state of NJ there are thousands of sites that have been contaminated by prior use. Often this is associated with industrial processes or activities that have ceased, but leftover waste products present a health hazard to the general environment. These sites must be redeveloped and remediated. Often, the properties we address are in-use, and the ongoing processes or operations may be increasing the existing vestigial contamination.

Contamination can create exposure and risks to building occupants in close proximity to or above contaminated buildings, soil, and groundwater; so, we evaluate and control environmental exposures as part of our services. Tectonic is focused on determining the presence/absence of a concern demonstrably above background conditions; and if present - delineating its spread and severity. The studies we perform are outcome-oriented, specifically to enable us to promptly complete the remediation or clean-up needed.

We satisfy the increasing need to reuse land affected by contamination rather than develop Greenfield sites such as farmland or woodland. We clear the environmental issues in advance of planned demolition, construction, or renovation. Furthermore, understanding the actual (original) cause, mechanisms of a release, and the manner it came about is a critical step in our services which includes the following process:

  • Investigation | Consulting
    Tectonic prepares and implements quality assurance project plans, work plans for delineation, plus Federal self-implementing cleanup plans, and site-specific Safety and Health Plans. We specify unrestricted use and alternative remedies for residences, schools, and childcare centers. We perform remedial cost forecasting and estimating associated with planning and permitting.
  • Documenting | Reporting
    Tectonic issues concise technical reports and work-plans while providing expert interpretation and relevant context. We summarize the important findings, identify data-gaps, and disclose uncertainties.
  • Offering Choices | Alternatives
    After preliminary studies & investigations reveal the nature of the present challenges, our staff provide Remedial Alternatives’ Analysis (RAA) or Feasibility Studies (FS) to best fit a client’s situation and needs. Our recommendations become site-specific remedial action work plans (RAWs), which can be complex or simple (case-by-case) according to the level of effort needed and complexity at a given property.
  • Response Actions | Contracting
    We have the resources, abilities, licensure, and experience to safely and effectively ameliorate the contamination discovered from any release or spill. Our responses include actions to collect, separate, isolate, contain, stabilize, neutralize, remove, encapsulate, recycle, inert, landfill, or destroy impacted media and wastes.
  • Qualifications
    Tectonic’s project teams hold all appropriate licensure and certifications per the New Jersey Commerce Commission, namely New Jersey -DEP, -DOL, -DCA, and -DOH registries; with comparable licensure in New York. Tectonic knows what clients “must do,” what they “can do,” and what they “should do” – which gives us an important strategic advantage.
  • Insurance
    Tectonic carries the appropriate insurances to cover unforeseen and unplanned events that sometimes occur with exploratory studies or when remediating hidden conditions. We carry a comprehensive insurance plan that includes Professional Errors and Omissions, and Contractors Pollution Liability policies, which are tailored for our clients’ needs.
  • Closure
    Tectonic issues Final Remediation Documents (FRD) in the form of Response Action Outcome (RAO) letters that are either area-specific or apply to an entire property. Closures are site-specific & location-specific and may be conditional (limited / restricted uses) or for unrestricted use; and are always a product of carefully balanced evaluations of past and future costs of compliance and risk tolerance.
  • Recordkeeping
    Tectonic maintains an electronic storage archive for all our clients and projects. Tectonic offers an online, password-protected client access portal to enable project records’ retrieval on demand.

Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA)

Tectonic’s environmental group is a Licensed Indoor Environmental Consultant (LIEC) firm under the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) Environmental and Indoor Health program, and can assist wiith Indoor Environment Health Assessments (IEHA) for Child Care Centers (CCC) and Educational Facilities (EF) – including public, private, and charter schools.

Tectonic has in-house Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP), Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM), and Professional Engineers (PE), who are collectively able to rule out unacceptable risks – ranging from simple to complex scenarios related to the nexus between contaminated environmental media and the indoor and built environment.

Tectonic is experienced with all the USEPA, AHERA, NIOSH, and ASTM test methods relating to air, surface, and materials testing for: Asbestos, Lead Paint Hazards, Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, Metals in Dust, Mercury, Inorganic Compounds, Pesticides, Radon, Vapor Intrusion, Microbial Contamination, and Drinking Water Quality.

Child Care Centers

For our child care center (CCC) clients, Tectonic offers a full-service environmental team, led by David Morris, LSRP, who specializes in responsive LSRP stewardship and cost-effective engineering solutions for childcare centers. Mr. Morris is one of very few environmental practitioners who specializes in environmental due diligence for educational facilities – he is a contributing author of NJDEP technical guidance on the remediation of Child Care Centers (CCC) and Educational Facilities (K-12).

Tectonic provides services across all of northern and central New Jersey, helping numerous childcare facilities navigate the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), and Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing (DCFOOL)’s necessary environmental evaluations.
Tectonic offers turnkey support for clients whether they are: opening, relocating, or reopening a childcare center. All new and currently operating day care centers are required to obtain:

  • Preliminary Assessment (PA) Report
  • Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA) Report
  • Response Action Outcome (RAO) Letter
  • Water Testing

Tectonic can provide all of the above licenses through very affordable rates and swift service. Tectonic can also assist with the application process for Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund’s (HDSRF) Child Care Facility Grant Application, which offers up to $1,500.00 to help pay for the necessary licenses.

New Jersey Schools

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) has physical facility requirements under the Manual of requirements for child care centers (§52:5) that include verification of environmental suitability and specific metrics based on known hazards associated with prior property use and occupancy, and current building conditions. Tectonic can review the property condition and ensure the appropriate engineering evaluations are completed on a case-by-case basis. DCF compliance incorporates DCA, DEP, and DOH clearance.

Regarding Educational Facilities (EFs), the Department of Education (DOE) rulemaking (§6A:26) has numerous environmental requirements, and Tectonic can complete capital project (cost) reviews (§6A-26-3) for anticipated environmental remediation costs; identify environmentally sensitive areas; complete Madden Act compliance actions; and make applicability determinations as to whether the land is subject to any environmental statutes, regulations or executive orders during land acquisition (§6A-26-7).

Tectonic can also prepare the required environmental site reports with civil engineering determinations on water and sewer availability; (coastal and freshwater) wetlands; Green Acres land; stream encroachment; historical or archeological resources; and threatened or endangered plant & animal species under the land acquisition procedures.

    Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)
    GOSR ER Contract
    Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc.
    Con Edison Waste Characterization
  • Jersey City Board of Education
    Jersey City Public Schools Board of Education
    Jersey City BOE On-Call Services
    NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
    Freshkills Landfill Owl Hollow Fields
    NY Wheel, LLC
    NY Wheel ACM Exposure Assessment
    General Services Administration
    Child Care Center (CCC) Outdoor Play Area (OPA) Testing and Remediation
    Various Telecommunications Providers
    Wireless Infrastructure Environmental Support Services
    Orange County Department of Public Works
    Orange County Environmental On-Calls Wetlands & Rare Species
    Newburgh Enlarged Central School District
    Newburgh Enlarged Central School District

We are a New York City (NYC) licensed and insured asbestos investigator and asbestos tester. Our services include testing asbestos tile, asbestos tile identification, asbestos floor tile removal, asbestos insulation, asbestos floor removal, asbestos detection, asbestos testing service, asbestos testing facility, NYC asbestos inspection, ACP5 forms, asbestos sampling, asbestos analysis.   Our asbestos inspection services are performed in accordance with New York standards. ACP5 forms.
We are a New York City (NYC) licensed and insured environmental site assessment and environmental site tester. Our services include environmental site inspection, environmental evaluation, environmental services engineer, environmental assessment regulations, ESA environmental assessment, BE environmental services, environmental assessment IS, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, environmental regulations, site assessment, environmental assessment, environmental engineering services, environmental investigation, environmental sites, environmental inspection, environmental inspection services, environmental assessment requirements, environmental site investigation, environmental site inspector, and environmental requirements. Our NEPA ESA I & II services are performed in accordance with New York standards.

Tectonic's New York City (NYC) offices include: